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Creative Problem Solving Training Course

Creative Problem Solving Training Course
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Creative problem solving describes the process of solving a problem in a novel way. The process begins when the problem is defined and often leads to an initial non-creative solution. It may also incorporate previous creative solutions by others. If previous solutions to the problem do not adequately resolve the issue a creative solution is required, and creative problem solving skills will be needed. Solutions are also considered creative when the problem is solved through the creative use of components that are readily available.

Creative problem solving techniques include methods designed to shift a person’s mental state into one that fosters creativity. There are also techniques that look for solutions to problems by reframing the problem. Another creative problem solving approach is the multiple idea facilitation technique designed to increase the quantity of fresh problem solving ideas. A further technique often employed is that of changing perspective to induce a novel solution to the problem.
Creative problem solving skills are essential for individual and corporate success.

TBAE’s Creative Problem Solving Workshop will provide participants with an overview of the creative problem solving process. They will be provided with essential problem solving tools that can be used in every-day situations. The course covers topics such as brainstorming, information gathering, analyzing data and identifying resources. Subjects covered in the Creative Problem Solving Course include the problem solving method, information gathering, problem definition, preparing for brainstorming, generating solutions, analysing solutions, selecting a solution, planning your next step and recording lessons learned.

For a virtual team building option of this course see our Online Soft Skills Workshops for Teams.

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