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Employee Motivation Training Course

Employee Motivation Training Course
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In short, motivation can be described as the purpose for, or psychological cause, of an action. Motivation is the driving force that causes people to move towards a desired goal. It elicits controls, and sustains specific goal directed behaviors. Motivation is a psychological force that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal. It is rooted in the basic instinct to optimize well-being, reduce physical pain and maximize pleasure. Motivation can also be described as an internal drive causing people to act and behave in a certain manner. It activates inner conditions such as wishes, desires and goals to move in a particular direction in behavior.

Traditionally employee motivation has been focused on external rewards such as more money, bigger offices or promotions. The reason that these motivational factors have never been successful in the long term is that true motivation must come from within. TBAE’s Employee Motivation Workshop will provide participants with several tools to become strong motivators, including goal setting and influencing skills. Five of the most popular motivational models, and how to bring them together in a custom program, will also be covered in the course.

In the Employee Motivation Course, Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, will be taught. The course also covers the Reinforcement Theory; looking at the history of the theory, behavior modification in four Steps, and the appropriate uses of the theory in the workplace. Participants will learn the role that personality plays in motivation and how to identify their own personality type as well as that of others. Further subjects covered in the course include the Object-Oriented Theory, the Expectancy Theory, setting goals, the personal toolbox, motivation on the job, addressing certain specific morale issues and keeping yourself motivated.

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