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Executive and Personal Assistants Training Course

Executive and Personal Assistants Course

In the true sense of the title, Executive Assistants are established professionals with proven managerial and operational skills and they often work at CEO level. The Personal Assistant role is becoming increasingly similar to the Executive Assistant role as employers become more aware that titles are powerful incentives for employee recruitment and retention. PAs help managers to make the best use of their time by dealing with secretarial and administrative tasks. They might arrange conference calls and meetings, make travel arrangements, compose correspondence, review memos and reports, conduct research, create presentations and prepare statistical reports. Being an Executive or Personal Assistant is a unique position that requires a variety of skills.

Executive Assistants have to cope with an ever shifting set of priorities; therefore, flexibility, adaptability and change responsiveness are essential attributes. Personal Assistants are calm under pressure and capable of thinking on their feet in a crisis. Managers often rely heavily on their PA, trusting that work will be handled efficiently in their absence. Confidentiality is one of the most important characteristics for every assistant. Personal Assistants are increasingly required to work for many bosses and sometimes this is in addition to working for a team.

In addition to supporting managers, their team and departments, many PAs also have their own personal workload and responsibilities. The Executive and Personal Assistants Course from TBAE will show your participants what it takes to be a successful assistant. Participants will learn what it takes to effectively manage a schedule, organize a meeting, and even how to be a successful gatekeeper. Being an Executive or Personal Assistant takes a special skill set and this workshop will provide your participants with the necessary tools. The goals of this course include adapting to the styles and needs of management, verbal, non-verbal and written communications. It will look at the tools of the trade and useful skills such as time management, meetings management and being a gatekeeper.

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