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Generation Gaps Training Course

Generation Gaps Training Course
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The term ‘generation gap’ refers to the differences between people of younger generations and their elders. Modern generational gaps are often attributed to the rapid cultural change of modern times, particularly in regard to musical tastes, fashion, culture and politics. With the development of technology, gaps have widened between the older and the younger generation in the workplace. The generation gap also manifests as a gap in language that can be challenging to overcome. New generations adopt new terminology and slang which create a sense of separation from the previous generation.

Despite the problems that generation gaps create, the benefits of such variety in the workplace outweigh it. Handling different generations can present the management with challenges. TBAE’s Generation Gaps Workshop will help participants deal with the various generational gaps by providing them with understanding of what motivates these gaps.  They will learn that both the younger and older generations have many ideas to offer that will help their organization succeed.

In the Generation Gap Course, participants will learn how to find common ground by adopting a communication style, creating an affinity group and sharing knowledge. The benefits of generation gaps such as learning from each other and embracing the familiar will be emphasized.  The course covers the various generations you may encounter such as the Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X’s and Generation Y’S. Other subjects covered include Differentiations Between Generations, Conflict Management and The Power of 4.

For a virtual team building option of this course see our Online Soft Skills Workshops for Teams.


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