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Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training Course

Goal Setting and Getting Things Done Training Course
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To be effective in setting goals, your goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted. Goal Setting within a team is made easier when team members are clearly aware of what is expected from them. Specific and ambitious goals lead to a higher level of performance if everyone accepts the goal, has the ability obtain it, and there are no conflicting goals. Goals are a form of motivation and an effective way to measure success in the workplace.

Goal Setting is an essential skill that anybody can develop. In the Goal Setting and Getting Things Done course, participants will be given the knowledge and skills required to complete more tasks and getting things done more effectively. Strategies to overcome procrastination will also be given to participants. They will learn the Goal Setting characteristics of successful people.

Subjects covered in TBAE’s Goal Setting and Getting Things Done soft skills training course include: Overcoming Procrastination, Four P’s of Goals Setting, Improving Motivation, Wise Time Management, Tips for Completing Tasks, Increase Your Productivity, To Do List Characteristics, SMART Goals and Mistakes Will Happen.

For a virtual team building option of this course see our Online Soft Skills Workshops for Teams.

Goal Setting Online Training Course for Individuals

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