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Leadership and Influence Training Course

Leadership and Influence Training Course
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Leadership can be described as the organizing of a group of people to achieve a common goal. It is a process of social influence where one person enlists the help of others to achieve a common task. A leader is somebody who guides or directs others and somebody that people follow. Leadership involves providing guidance, coordination and motivation to team members.

Some people are born leaders but there many others whose leadership abilities only arise when the situation demands it. Parenting is one example where parents may discover leadership abilities they never knew existed. The Leadership and Influence Training course will teach you techniques that will build your confidence to take the lead. It is challenging to take the lead, but the more experience you gain acting as a leader, the easier it will be to lead. With experience, making changes and facing challenges can become natural and rewarding.

The Leadership and Influence Training Course will teach participants basic influencing skills including the art of persuasion, principles of influence and creating an impact. The course also covers the subject of setting goals including creating a long-term plan and creating a support system. Participants will learn how to enable other people to act, encouraging growth in others, creating mutual respect and the importance of trust. Other subjects covered in the course include the evolution of leadership, situational leadership, personal inventory, modelling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process and encouraging the heart.

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