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Managing Workplace Anxiety Training Course

Managing Workplace Anxiety Course

Workplace stress is normal but excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and even affect your health. It is, therefore, essential to know how to manage workplace anxiety effectively. Feeling overwhelmed at work can cause employees to lose confidence and become irritable or withdrawn. Ignoring the warning signs of workplace anxiety can lead to bigger problems. Ongoing workplace stress and anxiety can lead to serious physical and emotional health problems. Workplace anxiety can increase with events such as formal warnings, bullying, victimization, increased work load, deadlines and management changes.

Everyone should be aware of the signs of anxiety and the tools needed to deal with it. In TBAE’s Managing Workplace Anxiety course, participants will learn skills to recognize and manage anxiety in the workplace. Learning coping skills and learning how to identify symptoms, will ensure that employees and managers are better suited to deal with stressful situations. The course helps the participants to be better suited to the challenges that the workplace brings.  

Subject covered in the Managing Workplace Anxiety course include Common Types of Anxiety, Recognizing Symptoms in Others, Coping Strategies, Don’t Avoid the Situation, Differences in Anxiety and Normal Nervousness, Physical Symptoms, Recognize the Positive Aspects of Anxiety, Common Anxiety Triggers and When to Seek Extra Help.

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