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Media and Public Relations Training Course

Public and Media Relations Training Course
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While media relations refer to the company’s relationship with journalists, public relations extend beyond the media to the general public. Media relations involve working alongside the media to inform the public of the company’s mission, policies and practices in a positive and consistent manner.  Its purpose is to maximize positive coverage in mass media outside of paid advertising.

Public relations involve the spreading of information between the company and the public. Its aim is to persuade the public to maintain a certain point of view about an organization or company. Speaking at conferences, industry awards, working with the press, social media and employee communication all form part of public relations.

Media and Public Relations are excellent vehicles for communicating a company’s value. Good networking skills enable an organization to tap into existing relationships and expand the scope of its network. In TBAE’s Media and Public Relations course, participants will gain knowledge on how to effectively manage the company’s image and value by forming solid networks through strategic communication planning. The course also provides participants with skills in dealing with the media and the public.

Subjects covered in the Media and Public Relations course include Networking for Success, The Meet and Greet, Dressing for Success, Writing, Setting Goals, Media Relations, Issues and Crisis Communication Planning, Social Media (The PR Toolkit) and Employee Communications.

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