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Meeting Management Training Course

Meeting Management Course

Meeting management tends to be a set of skills often overlooked by leaders and managers, though are an essential part of the life of every organization and your ability to run effective meetings with your management skills is a critical part of your success in meeting management. Meetings are unpopular because they take up time--usually that of many people. However, there are good meetings and there are bad meetings. Effective meetings leave you energized and feeling that you've really accomplished something. The process used in a meeting depends on the kind of meeting you plan to have, e.g., staff meeting, planning meeting, problem solving meeting, etc.

However, there are certain basics that are common to various types of meetings. Implementing them is not always easy, as they require preparation and discipline, but doing so can make a huge difference to the productivity of your organization. With a solid objective in mind, a tight agenda, and a commitment to involving the meeting participants in the planning, preparation, and execution of the meeting, you are well on your way to chairing great meetings.

This workshop is designed to give your participants the basic tools you need to initiate and manage their meetings. Through this workshop your participants will learn the needed skills in planning and implementing a successful meeting. You will learn how to reduce waste and run efficient meetings. Some of the steps that will be looked at is planning and preparing, identifying participants, choosing the time and place, creating an agenda, and setting up a meeting space. Make a meeting more interesting by using electronic options and participation. This course will also look at the finer points such as meeting roles and responsibilities, chairing a meeting, dealing with disruptions and personality conflicts, and taking minutes.

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