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Performance Management Training Course

Performance Management Training Course

Performance management includes the implementation of processes to ensure that goals are effectively and efficiently met in a consistent manner. This can focus on the performance of an organization, department, employee or team. Performance management can also refer to the process by which organizations align their resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities. Performance management is most often associated with the workplace, but can be applied wherever people interact such as schools, churches, sports teams and social events.

One of the most fundamental goals of performance management is to ensure that employee and company are focusing on the same priorities. It assists the employee to set and meet goals and improves relationships between employees and management. Performance management is often key in keeping organizations and employees aligned, and to improve performance and efficiency in an organization. It also facilitates a smooth transition when changes occur within an organization. Effective performance management leads to a stream-lined employee organization relationship, improving communication and interactions between the two groups.

In TBAE’s Performance Management Course, participants will learn how to establish performance goals with topics such as strategic planning, job analysis, setting goals and motivation. Participants will be taught to create a performance plan by establishing goals and desired results. Other subjects covered in the Performance Management Course include goal setting, 360 degree feedback, competency assessments, Kolb’s learning cycle and the performance journal.

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