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Personal Productivity Training Course

Personal Productivity Training Course
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Personal productivity can be describe as the completion of certain actions that move you closer to accomplishing your goals in such a way that it brings balance into your life. In order to boost your personal productivity, it is essential that you know your objectives as well as the actions required to achieve them.

Increasing your personal productivity will add more time to your day. In TBAE’S Personal Productivity Workshop, participants will learn how they can organize their lives so that they have more time available in their day. They will be taught how to establish routines, set goals and create an efficient environment.  The course offers proven planning and organizational tools that will maximize personal productivity. Participants will learn to take ownership and lead a more productive life.

In the Personal Productivity Training Course, participants will be taught the secret of successful time management, how to develop a tracking system and schedule tasks and appointments. They will learn how to use project management techniques such as The Triple Constraint, Creating the Schedule and using a RACI Chart. The topic of procrastination will be covered where participants will discover why procrastination happens and ways to overcome it. Other subjects covered in the Personal Productivity course include setting SMART Goals, the power of routines,  scheduling yourself, keeping yourself on top of tasks, tackling new tasks and projects, creating a workspace, organizing files and managing e-mail.

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