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Social Learning Training Course

Social Learning Course

Social learning is based on the concept that people learn new information and behaviors by observing and interacting with peers. Effective engagement with peers has proven itself a successful and powerful learning method. Social Learning is an effective way to train your employees through modeling positive behaviors. It is a effective way to promote involvement and cohesion as it builds a culture of learning. Participants to this course will learn the best way to conduct role plays, share best practices, and provide immediate and constant feedback.

In TBAE's Social Learning Course, you will be creating learning communities that benefit every aspect of your organization. They will learn new behaviors through observation and modeling and be instilled with a passion for learning. Learn the definition and use of social learning, and identify the tools used for social learning. Manipulate group dynamics and culture and learn how to craft and lead role play scenarios. Understanding modeling and observation and practise being a role model.

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