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Social Media in the Workplace Training Course

Social Media in the Workplace Course

The impact of social media on the workplace is increasing, but are organisations protecting themselves by ensuring the relevant policies and procedures are in place? We live in a world where technology has changed the way people communicate, the way they are informed and how they do business. As much as employers stand to benefit from the ease, speed and cost-effectiveness of social media, economic gains can be just as quickly lost on industrial and public relations crises. Web-based communication icons like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are dominating the way we interact with each other. This trend can affect communications among managers, employees and job applicants, how organisations promote and control their reputation. Many companies support blogs, or other arenas for online content, that provide general views on topics that further promote your brand.

Businesses have recognised that positive use of social media can be an effective tool for marketing and brand awareness and other uses within the workplace are ever-expanding. This personal touch is not only appreciated but may give the business access to that customer’s own network of contacts. Understanding Social Media is about communicating the right way. It is mostly free advertising, and the only cost to the business is the time and effort required to maintain the network and the official Web site.

TBAE's Social Media in the Workplace Course looks at the meaning of social media in the workplace and the various ways it is used. Every business requires a social media policy, with this course you will learn how to build and maintain it. It will look at ways to keep you social media secure as well as how to establish rules for company posts on social media forms. Become confident in your social media brand by identifying the benefits and pitfalls of social media in your workplace.

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