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Stress Management Training Course

Stress Management Training Course
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Stress management refers to techniques aimed at controlling stress levels for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. There is negative as well as positive stress. Stress management deals with the controlling or lessening of negative stress levels. Abnormal levels of negative stress results in a variety of symptoms which varies from person to person. Stress can lead to depression as well as a decline in health. Stress management provides ways to manage stress and maintain overall well-being.

Positive and negative stress is a constant reality in all our lives, and we need to know how to maximize the positive stress and minimize the negative stress. In TBAE’s Stress Management Workshop, participants will be shown the difference between negative and positive stress. Participants will be given a three-option plan for addressing stressful situations. They will be provided with personal skills such as using routines, relaxation techniques, and a stress log system. Participants will also be taught how they can change certain lifestyle elements to reduce stress.

In TBAE’s Stress Management Course, participants will be taught how to create a stress-reducing lifestyle by eating properly, exercising regularly and sleeping well. They will be shown how they can use routines such as planning meals, organizing chores and using a to-do-list, to reduce stress. Further subjects covered in the Stress Management Course include understanding stress, altering the situation, avoiding the situation, environmental relaxation techniques and coping with major events.

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Stress Management Online Training Course for Individuals


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