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Trade Show Staff Training Course

Trade Show Staff Course

Deciding to attend a trade show is a large investment for any company. Without dynamic, well-trained trade show staffing, your pre-event marketing activities, eye-catching exhibit, and giveaways can be wasted. While it's important to have a trade show booth that draws people in, it's critical to have employees who are motivated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and well-trained. In other words, the effectiveness of your exhibit team can make or break your success at any given show. Research shows the number one influence on attendee conversion is how they’re personally treated by your booth staff. The impression your team members make while working the booth will determine how effective they are at qualifying and generating viable leads.

Your booth personnel must be friendly, lively, and fully engaged in achieving your company’s goals. Preparation is essential: It’s better not to go to a trade show than to go unprepared. Your visitors will not judge you and your product by the beauty of your trade show display. Rather they will consider your staff’s behavior and appearance as key to their interest level in your product. Every person in your booth is an ambassador to your company, make sure they are prepared.

Make sure your staff has the right tools to succeed with TBAE's Trade Show Staff Training Course. There are various ways to prepare for a trade show as well as essential points to setting up a booth. Identify the do's and don't of trade show staff behavior. The course will provide ways of acknowledging visitors and welcoming them to your booth. Learn how to engage potential clients and working towards a sale. Identify how to wrap up a trade show and following up on leads.

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