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Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer Course

Whether you are preparing to be a professional trainer, or you are someone who does a bit of training as a part of their job, you'll want to be prepared for the training that you do. Permanent skills transfer and sustainability of performance improvement are just two compelling arguments for training trainers in the organisation. Your participants will begin the process of becoming trainers themselves, and understand that training is a process where skills, knowledge, and attitudes are applied. By keeping the training interactive, your students will find you a lot more approachable and easy to communicate with.

TBAE's Train The Trainer Course will give all types of trainer's tools to help them create and deliver engaging, compelling workshops that will encourage trainees to come back for more. Training up your own trainers makes a great deal of sense both commercially and from a developmental point of view. Skills such as facilitating, needs analyses, understanding participant’s needs, and managing tough topics will give your trainees what the need to become a trainer themselves.

Define training, facilitating, and presenting and understand how to identify participants’ training needs. Create a lesson plan that incorporates the range of learning preferences. Create an active, engaging learning environment, develop visual aids and supporting materials and manage difficult participants and tough topics.

For a virtual team building option of this course see our Online Soft Skills Workshops for Teams.

Train the Trainer Online Course for Individuals

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