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Work-life Balance Training Course

Work-life Balance Training Course


Work-life balance refers to the maintaining of a healthy balance between work and personal life. These days employee’s lives are becoming more consumed with personal responsibilities and interests. It is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to recognize the importance of a correct work-life balance.  Employees do not only identify with their company but also with the other facets of their life. When personal and work identities are in conflict a sense of a healthy work-life balance may be affected. Companies are becoming aware of how beneficial work-life balance is to productivity. Research by the Kenexa Research Institute showed that organizations that are sympathetic to work-life balance tend to have a much lower staff turnover rate.  

Although maintaining a proper balance between work and personal life can be challenging, it comes with excellent rewards. Maintaining this balance will help you become healthier both mentally and physically. One of the keys to a proper work-life balance is managing your time effectively. Time management benefits all aspects of your life and will help you to work less and produce more. In the work-life balance workshop participants will learn how to focus on the important things, set precise goals, and communicate better with work colleagues and their families.

In TBAE’S Work-life Balance Training Course, participants will be taught to recognize the signs of imbalance such as absenteeism, burnout and stress. They will be given tips on time management including learning to say no, staying flexible and the 80/20 rule. Other subjects covered in the Work-life Balance Course include benefits of a healthy balance, employer resources, goal setting, optional ways to work, stress management and working in a home office.

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