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Workplace Harassment Training Course

Harassment in the Workplace Training Course


Harassment in the workplace covers a wide range of behaviours that are offensive in nature. It is commonly understood as repeated actions that is intended to upset or distress. There are different types of harassment that may take place in the workplace including psychological, racial, religious and sexual harassment. Psychological harassment is demeaning and abusive behaviour that lowers a person’s dignity or causes them anguish. Racial harassment targets individuals based on their ethnicity and are specifically designed to humiliate them on the basis of their race. Religious harassment is used against individuals practicing a particular faith and may include forced conversions. Sexual harassment refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances where the consequences of refusing are potentially unfavourable to the victim.

Harassment in the workplace may be more than offense against an individual and can be considered a crime against the law. The seriousness of this topic has made it an extremely weighty issue that companies need to address. In TBAE’s Workplace Harassment Workshop, participants will be given the necessary tools to help them recognize harassment in the workplace. They will also gain an understanding of their rights and responsibilities under the law. Participants will be made aware of the need to teach employees how to identify harassment and exercise anti-harassment policies.

In the Workplace Harassment Training Course, participants will be taught the proper procedures to follow when someone is harassed in the workplace and how they must deal with false allegations. They will learn about conflict resolution including how to resolve the situation, seeing both sides and deciding the consequences. Other subjects covered in the course include Developing an Anti-Harassment Policy, Policies in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment, Mediation and The Aftermath.

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