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Workplace Violence Training Course

Workplace Violence Training Course
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Workplace violence is also known as occupational violence and refers to violence that creates a risk to the health and safety of employees. This violence is mostly in the form of physical abuse or threat. Workplace violence can include threatening behaviour, verbal or written threats, harassment, verbal abuse and physical attacks.  It can take the form of rumours, swearing, pranks, arguments, vandalism, theft and arson to name a few. Workplace violence is not limited to the traditional workplace but can occur at off-site business related functions such as conferences and trade shows. It can also occur at social events, at a clients’ home or any place away from work but resulting from work.

Workplace harassment is often the cause of violence in the workplace. Harassment is destructive to any organization; it is critical that everyone is treated with respect and dignity in the workplace. Workplace harassment needs to be identified, discouraged and prevented before it escalates into violence. To prevent workplace violence from occurring it is essential that managers and employees are able to identify individuals who could become violent. They also need to understand how to diffuse potentially dangerous situations. The Workplace Violence Course will help participants to identify and address violence in the workplace. It will also provide them with the right tools to develop their own Workplace Harassment Policy.

In TBAE's Workplace Violence course,  participants will learn how to identify harassment in the workplace. They will learn how to handle workplace violence by identifying different types of behaviour and targeting the behaviour and not the person. Other subjects covered in the course include Identifying the Bully, Risk Assessment, Being the Victim, Checklist for Employers, Interview Process and Investigation Process.

For a virtual team building option of this course see our Online Soft Skills Workshops for Teams.


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