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Virtual Murder Mystery Events

Virtual Murder Mystery Events

TBAE has brought the same entertainment and team building benefits of a traditional Murder Mystery event to the virtual realm with our new Virtual Murder Mystery events.

The Virtual Mystery team building event is an entertaining way for your virtual team to test their problem solving skills while getting to know each other better. The whole event takes place using online conferencing software and your entire remote working team can get involved.

Leading up to the Virtual Murder Mystery event the organizer will receive the character scripts to be distributed only to the participants who are going to portray the specific characters (unique to each theme). All the other participants will be investigators and it will be their task to unravel the mystery.

The facilitator will set the stage for the Virtual Murder Mystery theme and entertaining instructions are given for each stage of the activity, so there will be no doubt about anything, other than finding out who is guilty of murder.

Virtual Murder Mystery Activities

The following are some of the Murder Mystery themes that we currently facilitate online. We also have Gatsby era themes as well as Cowboy and Western themes and many more depending on your preference:

Reunion Gone Bad
After 25 years, the Charles P Homicide High School Reunion has once again come around. What will it hold? So much time has gone passed, so much has happened. The time is now ripe to reunite with those old school friends or enemies and find out what everyone has been up to over the years. Regrettably, one of these old classmates is planning murder and they are ready to attack. Which one of these old class mates would commit such a crime? 

Caravan Park Calamity
The Green Acres Caravan Park is hosting their annual Braai Festival and this year the event promises not to disappoint. Everybody knows everybody, and the plot thickens, as those with grudges mix and mingle. Someone is about to crack, while another is going to break, permanently. Who would commit such a crime? The Gun Fanatic who enjoys the great outdoors, who hunts game, yet ‘accidently’ shoots people. Could it be the rough and tough trucker, who’s here one day and gone the next? The parolee who is only looking to start afresh and would do anything to stay out of jail?


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