TBAE Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have your own venue?
No, we do not have our own venue but we work in colaboration with various venues nationwide. TBAE is a completely mobile team building company and we able to facilitate most of our events at any venue provided that the venue is suitable (space etc.) and the venue give permission.

Do you rent out your equipment?
No, our team building options include our equipment and facilitators as a package deal.

Do you provide catering?
TBAE does not have a catering component but the venue packages include catering by the relevant venue. We can gfive suggestions for catering service providers if you have arranged a self-catering venue.

Does your rate include prizes?
Due to each company having different ideas of what their staff would like as prizes we have removed prizes from our rates but we can give you suggestions for prizes and prize categories.

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What type/s of teambuilding activities does your company offer?
We offer more than 50 different team building activities ranging from indoor activities, outdoor team building ranging from low intensity to extreme and specialist programs to address specific needs. Our standard team building activities offer a variety of desired outcomes including communication, trust, building staff morale, getting to know you better and many others. We focus on the individuals having fun and creating memories.

How beneficial are team building activities for building and strengthening team morale?
TBAE is built upon the premise that all our programs and activities are beneficial to any company or group of people. Simplistically we take the participants back to their ‘child’ self, the place where no set parameters and ideologies where in place. We get the participants to connect with each other on a different level by removing barriers and cultural differences. ¬†Corporate team building ensures a contented workforce devoted to the company.

Is teambuilding relevant in today’s workplace?
In the modern society of instant gratification, the art of relationship building is severely neglected. Once colleagues can identify with each other without their pre-conceived opinions of each other, real team bonding and growth can begin. Team building events benefit the participants in both their work and personal life. The long term benefits include enhanced communication skills, concentration, decision making, stress minimization and self confidence.

Can you list a few examples of successful teambuilding activities?
It is difficult to categorise any team building intervention as ‘successful’, as the true value usually emerges at a later stage. Every single activity we have ever facilitated has achieved various objectives, and always with a lot of laughter.¬†

Why is teambuilding important for businesses?
Team Building is important for businesses because it recognises that a company’s biggest asset are their employees. It is important because individuals can recognise others with a better understanding and mutual respect. Team building events and activities have many benefits to your company such as improving communication and making the workplace more enjoyable. It is very helpful in motivating a team and for team members to get to know each other better. It is also very useful for making sure that all the members of a team are "on the same page" with regards to the companies objectives through goal setting activities. Through team building activities the participants often learn more about themselves especially in terms of their strengths and weaknesses as well as helping management to identify and utilise strengths in their employees.

What is the ultimate objective of teambuilding?
The ultimate objective is to either get teams ‘unstuck’ or grow the team to a new level. The purpose of team building activities is to assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can effectively work together to complete 

Can you list the general benefits that teambuilding offers?
Team building activities not only develop individual skills and communication, it also strengthens the bond between the members of the team. It always ensures increased productivity, competence and increased profit. Team building activities also improve morality and leadership skills, ability to tackle barriers, clearly defined objectives and goals, and better understanding of processes and procedures. The newly achieved team spirit will not allow the team to be let down. The team members will fight obstacles and challenges as one unit. Generally team building activities help improve team productivity and effective collaboration within a team.


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